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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Charismatic Environment Of The Corbett National Park

It was never an easy way to adapt the process of evolution since we always had a dubious stand regarding an entity of wildlife animals and those furious tales of predator really nudged our mind. It is very interesting to understand the course of transition as we always craved compassion for animals and with the development of thoughts today we are living in their presence and practically their presence have really made the world an easy place to live.

Gobble belief and curious thoughts are an element of the past because the development of wildlife sanctuaries and national park has really altered the definition of wildlife and the environment which they have created has really amused the world. Through this article today we are going to talk about one of the most preserved and designated national park of India. The Corbett national Park which is located at the deft elevation of Uttarakhand can be considered as paradise for wildlife enthusiast and nature lovers.
Although the brilliance of the surroundings is quiet synchronized by the glorious presence of natural elements but the point of talking remains the same, the Corbett national park which is dominated by the might of dense vegetation is a feast for pro naturalist.
Impeccable jungle safari where one can look to spot and understand the behavior of Tigers, chitals, deers, cobra, wild boar, flying fox and Indian pangolin promises to make your journey an unforgettable experience.  Potential and charismatic ambience of this reserve is home to around 488 distinct species of wildlife and amongst them the presence of Bengal Tigers connotes the importance of this amazing national park. 

To understand the historical importance of Corbett national park traveler would require walking the days of early 19th century when this park was established to preserve the density and dying population of the wildlife counterparts. According to historical evidence the park was renowned as Hailey national park during its initial phase and later it was renamed as Ramaganga national park. The name Corbett came into limelight when the celebrated British hunter and an Author Jim Corbett started hunting man eaters of surroundings. His initiative to protect the local people man from eating tiger later became his concern for preserving the same which led his active role towards the conserving method of wildlife and forest.

His extensive work towards the development of wildlife and forest were quiet visible in the forested area of Kumaon Hills and to tribute his effort and noble cause the national park was named after him in 1957.

Sprawled over an area of around 521 square kilometer a quaint and natural environment of this park is an assortment for nature lovers because here they would have all the opportunity to bend their way through endemic grassland. Traveler must understand that the reserve has the four doorways namely amdanda gate, durga devi gate, dhangarhi gate and khara gate from where they can sneak in to feel the glory of nature.

Traveler can come here during the months of summer, winter and monsoon to understand the reverie of this outstanding national park. Beside that night stay could be avail from Dhikala where forest rest accommodation would allow you to sleep a night of peace. To enjoy the quest of safari traveler can always look to contact the management in advance because during the pick season specially between March and May, June to September or December to February there would be a hoard of tourist so it’s always better to inform your hotel to book your safari in advance.

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