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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Lepchajagat, a Distinct World in Itself

Perched perfectly at an elevation of around 2123 m above sea level the quaint atmosphere of Lepchajagat which is renowned for its natural elements is located at a distance of around 19 km from the Darjeeling.  For nature lovers and vacationers this place is more like a heaven because its nurturing ambience has every set piece to make it one of the perfect offbeat destinations for travelers. 

During the time of season it turns out to be a hub of honeymooners because its majestic dale and serene surroundings offers handsome opportunity to newly wedded couples to discover and experience the best moment of their life.

To understand the meaning of Lepchajagat traveler would first require understanding the phenomenons of Lepcha people. It is believed that Lepcha tribes were the prominent and prime resident of this area. After their alliance with other region of Darjeeling district the forested area of the site was overtaken by West Bengal Forest development Corporation and at present it is a reserved forest area.

Things to Experience in Lepchajagat
Amidst the glory of nature as it sets to carry your thoughts beyond your imagination the place is perfect stage for you to understand the springs of seasons. Its forest acquainted area which is enamel by the symphony of vivid vegetation like Pine, Oak and rhododendrons makes a journey an everlasting memory. Beside that its scenic location from where nature lovers can peep into veil of transparency creates the mood to interact with nature.

Birdwatchers are sure to have their share as the quaint hamlet are complimented by the chicory and chirp of birds which means they can spend an hour to view the colorful wings of vivid avifauna. During day time traveler can just allure the brilliance of the blooming dale perhaps that would create the room for inspiring thoughts to appreciate the might of nature. Thick and dense vegetation that surrounds the side guarantee peace of mind and adventure lover can look to perform nature walk to discover the nucleus of the periphery.
Nearby Attraction
Surreal charm and sophisticated serenity of Lepchajagat is surrounded by some of the magnificent tourist attractions from where traveler can look to view the entity of Kanchenjunga and other astounding places. In this context the name of Hawa Ghar which is located at a distance of around 1 km from here requires special mention. From here traveler can locate all the five massif of Mount Kanchenjunga.

Ghoom rock which is located at a distance of around 1.5 km from here is a hub of colossal rocks. Ghoom rock is in fact a point from where one can look to witness the glowing rays of sun beside that here you have an opportunity to see the majestic ambience of Balasan valley.

Some of the other renowned attraction of Lepchajagat are Mirik which is located at a distance of around 27 km is flourished by emerald lake and thick forest.

 Jorpokhari which is located at a distance of around 5 km from is renowned for its salamanders, endemic ponds and view of Kanchenjunga.

Ghoom Monastery- Ghoom monastery is another tourist place where traveler can look to feel the resonance of spiritual environment.

 Pashupati market which is located at a distance of 15 km hovers around the Indian-Nepal border and this market is well-known for selling foreign commodities at a reasonable cost.

Manebhanjan- this place is mostly visited by the trekkers as the journey towards the height of Sandakphu bends its way towards the tail of Manebhanjan.

West Bengal Forest Development Corporation Lodge
For economic accommodation the stands of West Bengal Forest development Corporation Lodge could prove to be an only option for traveler. Traveler must understand that the Bungalow here was renovated by the forest department and during the phase of colonials it was lived by the British people. At present the renovated bungalows has 4 rooms and 2 suits. Every room and suites of the lodge is developed in a way to give its traveler an ultimate view of mount Kanchenjunga. From rooftop traveler can look to view the phenomenon of sunrise which is sure to be a different experience in itself.

Talking about the environment and amenities of the lodge than it has few staff and caretaker. Although the brilliance of this lodge itself speaks the toast of hospitality but if one could maintained the decorum of it than it can prove out to be one of the seductive and sensational lodges of Darjeeling district. For transport facility traveler are requested to notify the manager at an earliest. Talking about its culinary section than they look to keep things simple there are not much of cuisine charisma to be experience but then again if you could suggest the staff or ask them to serve your purpose than they would definitely work out to give you the same.

Indicative Rates
As mentioned above the rates and tariff of lodge is economical and for suites traveler would require paying 2000 for Michelia Suite or suite one and 1800 for suit 2 respectively. All the other rooms of the lodge can accommodate up to 4 members and would cost you around 1500 per night. Traveler must understand that to use the fireplace one would require paying an extra amount of Rs 250. It is an incentive for travelers to experience such wonderful hospitality offering unique experience to savor.
For booking and inquiry traveler can check their official website or can contact West Bengal Forest Development Corporation for reservation.

How to Reach
By air- the nearest airport to Lepchajagat is Bagdogra which is located at distance of around 70 km from here.
By train- the nearest railway station to Lepchajagat is New Jalpaiguri which is located at a distance of around 72 km from here.

Best Time to Visit

Consider coming here during the months of October to April to enjoy the vivid assorts of surroundings. Travellers are requested to avoid season of Monsoon because month of rainy season could prove to be hectic and unpleasant.
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