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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Kerala’s Houseboat

Kerala is a south Indian state where you can enjoy your leisure time. It is a second home for tourism as the state is blessed with the natural amenities and the humbleness of the inhabitants. Along with many other tourist destinations Kerala’s backwaters is a prominent place for the tourism sector to prosper. As it provides picturesque scene of the lagoons, lakes, rivers and canals that run through the exotic areas of the state.

One of the paramount ways to enjoy these backwaters of Kerala is to hire a houseboat. The houseboat tours let you enjoy the scenic views the various water bodies of Kerala along with the magnificent landscapes of this wondrous state. These houseboats are also called ‘kettuvallam’. Cruising in these backwaters while discovering the water kingdom of Kerala, will provide you ultimate satisfaction. In early days the actual purpose of these kettuvallams was to transport goods to different parts of Kerala form the remote villages, but as the routes started being developed with roads and bridges to increase the prospect of tourism in Kerala in a much larger panorama, these boats were less used for transport and stared being used to amuse tourists through the backwaters of this state.

Present day houseboats are much bigger than the earlier ones. The kettuvallms are now converted into houseboats. Almost everything that is put into construction of these houseboats is natural. While making a roof bamboo mats, sticks and wood of the areca nut tree are used, for the floor, coir mats and wooden planks comes into play and wood of coconut trees and coir are used to make beds. To provide light inside the houseboat, solar panels are used. They last for generations if maintained properly.

There are several destinations through which you can experience the fun of cruising through the backwaters of Kerala.

Vembanad Lake is one of the largest lakes and also one of the tourist backwater destinations. You can visit many other destinations through these backwaters. Alleppey, also known as the "Venice of the East" has a large network of canals which passes through the town, offering scenic views of the coastline of Kerala’s landscapes. A very famed race, ‘The Vallam Kali’ (the Snake Boat Race) is held in this place every year which attracts a lot of tourists to this area.

Kumarakom is a famous destination that will take you through bird sanctuaries which are located along the shores and also the simple village lifestyle which will give you a general knowledge of the primitive culture of Kerala.

You will get services of all three time meals on a full board houseboat cruise. These meals will be served in an admiring and luscious manner. You will get to try some local cuisines along with the international ones.

Tourists are welcomed in these areas with a lot of modesty as for their culture. When you reach at different houseboat tours in Kerala, you will be welcomed with a coconut or a fruit juice and some general information about the tour and the local attractions will be given to you. The houseboat vacation to Kerala is available throughout a year only that it will be a bit down during hot and humid, and the rainy season.

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