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Monday, September 2, 2013

International Honeymooning Destination

It is a difficult thing to decide for the newly married couples on choosing the honeymooning destination. The globe is so big and filled with many wonderful places to relish the honeymoon, so here we present to you with three different and exotic honeymoon destinations that you will love to go even after visiting once.

Hawaii: It is the most popular honeymooning destination for the couples who are newly engaged to the old couples who are celebrating their 35th anniversary. The thick evergreen jungles, blue beaches, cragged mountains and the majestic view of the volcanoes, who wouldn’t love to go in this place where gods has spent so much time in creating it. Among the 100 islands, the most popular and visited are Hawaii (The Big Island), Oahu and Maui. You can take part in Polynesian feast consisting of dance and taste the several culinary mouth watering delights that are prepared. If you love adventure than Hawaii can offer you with various activities like; kayaking, mountain biking, snorkeling, diving, hiking, parasailing and volcano tours which is the most interesting one. Luxurious hotels and villas offer heavy modernized facilities, or you can rough it in an eco-desert.

Italy: One of Europe’s leading honeymoon destinations, there’s many things that this country can offer. Great wines, exotic food, deep culture, nightlife, history and romanticism are the few things that various cities in Italy will offer you. Rome will be great city for enthusiast couple, you can visit the site of the Coliseum or the Trevi fountain where you can throw a coin and wish for your partner. If you really want romanticism, then you can ride in a gondola or tour by the cobblestone streets for masterpiece architecture in Venice. If your bride is addicted to fashion then you can take her to do some shopping in Milan. Tuscany and the island of Sicily are some other places if you want some fresh cuisine and a secluded time with your partner. You can also spend time by visiting the art museum in Florence. The people of Italy are so warm and loving; your tour to Italy will be the moment that you won’t forget throughout your lifetime.

Costa Rica: If you are planning a honeymoon in a place where you can do adventure activities along with romanticism with a beautiful background of earthy nature, Costa Rica should be your first choice. It is a great spot for active couples. Several activities that one can enjoy are: bungee jumping, rappelling, deep sea fishing, horseback riding, wind surfing etc. One can also relish the zip line tours, swinging through the forests treetop canopy via a cable and a harness. The fertile terrain of Costa Rica is also home to varied floras and faunas, making it a place of curiosity for biologists and enthusiasts. If you are addicted to coffee then, Costa Rica will serve you with its coffee that is rich in both quality and caffeine with a slightly bitter taste. 

Experience some wildlife/jungle/adventure and some relax/beach/pamper at your visit to this place and make it the memorable part of your life

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