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Friday, October 25, 2013

Before You Take off for Honeymoon or Traveling: Document Travel Tips

Before you set of for your honeymoon, make sure to look out for these documents travel tips which are sure to make you happy and cheerful while traveling.

Preparing earlier can save you from lots of problem that can occur at any times. Getting a VISA and a passport is not enough for International traveling. There are much more things that should be aware of especially of your private documents.

Vital Documents:

  • Passport/Identification
  • Traveler Checks and their sequential numbers.
  • Driving License, local or if international it’s better.
  • Reservation documents for accommodations and tours.
  • Travel Insurance documentation and certification.
  • Tickets
  • Itinerary/Schedule
  • Credit/debit cards

These are some of the vital documents that are crucial at times if you carry with you, but what if someone stole or you lost it? So, prepare for all these things in beforehand inorder to feel safe and secure in abroad.

Crucial Tips:
  • Save a digital duplicate of your entire travel schedule in your mobile, laptop etc.
  • Make 3-4 replicas of your schedule and passport, distribute to your family members and friends. Keep one each of the passport and schedule replicas in your bag.
  • Make sure to gain the knowledge of knowing the nearest embassy of your country in the country that you’re visiting.
  • While traveling ensures to keep away your cash, credit cards away from the documents like passport and other documents.
  • Keep two files of documents with you, one in your separate bag which no one knows and one in a travel bag. It will help you in case of lost/theft of one file.
  • Registration is very vital in any of the country, register you travel before heading on to the destination.
  • Email a duplicate of all the travel documents to you, friends and family members.
  • While scanning, make sure that all the documents are correctly scanned.
  • Not only of the documents, but make multiple copies of front and back of your credit/debit cards.
  • In case in loss of debit/credit cards, make certain of calling the company for blocking its usage.

Follow these simple tips in-order to celebrate your honeymoon/vacation in a peaceful and serene way or in you want to return home safely and securely. Although copy may not take place of the originals but it will make easier for you to gain the lost document.

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