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Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Best Adventure Honeymoon Destinations in India

It is usually believed that honeymoon couples would generally want to spend their vacation in peace and tranquility where they can spend some quality moments with each other. But the concept of such honeymoon vacations have changed lately and the newlyweds these days opt for adventurous honeymoon trips. At the present time, couples who want to spend some quality time together also want to actively participate in adventure activities that will make their romantic honeymoon trip even more exciting and cherished.  As according to the present day trend, several tour companies have come up with options at various places where newlyweds can have some private moments as well as enjoy the adventure activities. Here is a list of some of the top adventure honeymoon destinations and places in India that offer the right mixture of adventure and privacy.

Most honeymoon couples consider Goa for its beaches and the space that they offer to the newlyweds, but Goa has lot more to offer than the tranquility in its beaches. Actually Goa is the perfect place for those newlyweds who want to enjoy some memorable moments together along with some adventure activities. Goa is a great destination for bird watching as the region is an abode to diverse species of birds. And if you are eager to watch crocodile in the wild you can visit the Cumbarjua canal, which is just 20 minutes from Panaji, the capital city of Goa. The place also offers many boat tours that you can opt for, in order to have an adventurous experience. Parasailing is another adventure activity that honeymoon couples can opt for while your stay in Goa. Backwater cruising, which is usually associated with Kerala, can also be experienced in the scenic backwaters of Goa. Newlyweds can book a wooden house boat and enjoy cruising along the fascinating backwaters of Goa. Snorkeling is another popular adventure activity that the honeymoon couples can enjoy in Goa.

Manali is a popular honeymoon destination, not only in India, but across the world. This pristine hill station in Himachal Pradesh is located away from the hassles of the daily city life and also has plenty to offer in terms of adventurous activities.  River rafting is one of them, which is very much popular in Manali, especially in Pirdi which is situated at a distance of about 45 km from Manali.

At this place, you can enjoy water rafting on the River Beas. For the couples who want to fly in the sky, Manali offers paragliding activities that are available in Solang Nallah and Marhi. Couples who are interested in treks, can enjoy the various trek routes with your partner at this pristine hill. In order to capture the scenic views and the memorable moments experienced along these treks, you got to take your camera along with you. Newlyweds can also opt for camping in the mountains and also enjoy jeep safaris that ate provided at this place. If you are visiting this place during winters, Manali also offers skiing opportunities for both beginners as well as for advance skiers.

For the ones who do not prefer cold places, Jaisalmer is the perfect option for their honeymoon vacations. It is situated at the north-west part of India and the place offers several adventurous activities to enjoy for the newlyweds. Jaisalmer is placed within the great Thar Desert and if you like camels, you can enjoy the camel safari at this place, which is quite thrilling. Jaisalmer is also renowned for hot air ballooning and you can try this out with your partner along with paragliding activities. While enjoying these activities, you will also get a chance to witness the sand dunes changing shapes and reconstructing themselves due to flow of the wind. If you can bear the hot sun of the Thar Desert, then you can also enjoy dirt biking and jeep safaris at this place. If you are tired with these activities at the end of the day, you even opt to enjoy some traditional song and dance being performed at some of the places in Jaisalmer that will surely rejuvenate you.

Shillong is the capital of Meghalaya, and the place has plenty to offer to the newlyweds, who love to get away from the crowd and also want to experience some thrilling activities. Shillong is a natural beauty, as the place features many forests, hills, waterfalls, lakes and gorgeous rustic cottages that you can explore over here. But that is not all about this scenic place, in fact, Shillong also offers various adventure activities such as scuba diving, mountain biking and trekking. The place is also considered as one of the best places in India where you can experience trekking and explore the untouched natural beauty of the region. The newlyweds can also opt for camping and river rafting at this place, and make your honeymoon into a memorable one.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Foundation day of states - 01 November

Andhra Pradesh a fourth largest sate of India is a 28th state of Indian Territory nestled at the southeastern coast it shares its borders with other state like that of Orissa in the north, Maharashtra, and Chhattisgarh, affluence of Bay of Bengal in the east,  it shares its border with Tamil Nadu in the south and Karnataka to its west.

A 5th populated state of India is also known as rice bowl of India adds strength of economy in terms of national economy, if we look at its history Telenga would appear to be an oldest and had its existence from the time of Ashoka when a Buddhist religion were a mainstream of a people.

With a series of conqueror and debaters in its modern day Andhra is a most populated and had earned its statehood with a sacrifice of Potti Sreeramulu in 1952 Andhra Pradesh was put into a frame of state and now Andhra Pradesh is on verge of celebrating its 57th state formation day but a recent protest and demand of Telangana which in regards has been acknowledged by a central government the only thing which is left out in bifurcation is a bill which would soon come in session and Andhra would be separated.

Haryana could well be considered a central figure of politics in Punjab at the time of British raj why central because at that time the province like that of Haryana and Punjab as a separate state was not created so the British found so much common in them and adjusted their administration.

Haryana has its link from the past Vedic time the rich history and even in an epic of Mahabharata the word has been mentioned its rich culture even got more flourished at the mediaeval time and in its modern day it is an independent state formed during 1966 as per the recommendation Sardar Hukam Singh Parliamentary committee under the basis of language.

Karnataka if we are to look at its date of establishment as a separate state than November 1st is a day when all the people using Kannada dialects were merged to a state of Karnataka on 1956.

Rich in culture had its roots from ancient days a development of culture is so prolific which settled all the protest and a birth to a new state Karnataka, The Rajyotsava day is a national holiday where a people comes in numbers to celebrate an affluent culture.

November 1st is an important date on the calendar for the Karnataka it is when a demand was acknowledged and separate state was given to the people Karnataka.

Kerala Piravi is a day when a separate state of Kerala was announced and came into act Kerala Piravi is celebrated on the month of November and on the first day of November Kerala was given a separate state by the courtesy of central government.

November first really is a day when many of the state was created by a state reorganization committee for the better half of the people by believing a separate state would allow a people to develop their aspect a government addressed their demand and established the same.

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