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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Do Holiday Make or Break Your Relationship

Are you absolutely assured that you know your girlfriend the most of her? How positive are you? If you spend few nights together and have been dating on a relaxed basis for several months, I would bet the fruit farm that there is more to her than you think. And more to your relationship chemistry than you imagine as well.

Honestly speaking everything seems to be in happy and safe mode until the moment, as you would travel down the honeymoon stage together.  Have you thought of what would happen to your insight if you plan for a holiday together? Will it result in positive and prompt you to go on a real honeymoon one day. Time is one of the best things one needs to get to know a person and more you get to know more better it is. How many cumulative hours you have spent with your girlfriend on a date, if I am not mistaken it would not be as many as one thinks.  

It absolutely keeps me amazing all the time how people commence on a deeper level of commitment, whether it’s a marriage or any other relations, without spending a blissful copious time together.  This does not only indulge a dinner, a movie, or a long night of sex. Well these are all very important but the determining fact for a success relationship is how you survive the humdrum routine and strain together.

Well to be very practical about each other in a relationship is very important and this is possible for you only when you spend some quality hours or days together in concurrence. Thus you will come to learn how to cooperate and interact with each other beyond the phony. Most of the new relationships along with some that has survived or surviving a long time, manage to survive on shallow and phony communication. Then certainly one day you will come to realize that neither of you have anything to say or worse, and finally you would never tolerate living with a person for more than a week.

Thus, how would you acquire the precious perception desired to take it a step further with the woman or men in your life. Thus it would be very handy to plan a vacation together as this would really make it worth for both of you.

So, here are some advisable tips for a happy and memorable vacation.  

Vexed Over Vacation
Well vacation is meant to be entertaining and add- on time with your girlfriend or boyfriend who enjoys doing more of what you would both love to do at home. Thus do you think two weeks of rest and leisure will serve as a litmus test of whether or not you and girlfriend and your relation can last for long.

The first probable area of disaster is when you devise a plan with your beloved. Where to go? How long will the vacation last? How to get there?

Well after returning from the vacation, one thing must be checked on is that how are you feeling do you have an exciting feeling or you are feeling, you needed another one to recover? As travelling is a stress endeavor, despite of your journey. Well to check on this add another person into the same and then the result would be combustible.

The first potential area of disaster is when you devise the initial plan. How long will the trip last? Where do you want to go? How will you get there? You may take it for granted that an acceptable response can be worked out for each question but for some less fortunate men, the first obstacle to overcome occurs before the plane takes off.

Up to now, the most you and your girlfriend have commiserated on an issue was what film to rent on a Friday night. And even that was touch and go until you relented and let her choose Erin Brokovich. No big deal, you thought at the time, because next week I have first choice. That logic may fly on such a minute point, but on the topic of vacation details, you may not be so willing to budge. And neither will she.

Does Travelling as a Couple Make or Break Your Relationship?

Monitor your Partner and Find out: Monitor your better half and find out whether she was happy, rushed or anxious to know about the vacation. Learn about your partner very closely so to avoid any discomfort while on a vacation, what type of venture she likes, what food she loves the most, do she prefer to visit a nearby place by walking or by car and many others. All these things are up to you to manage and it is up to you to sacrifice some things which she won’t like you to do.  

Relationship is like give and take, you promise her to take on a vacation and automatically she will provide you with the best time but after the vacation is over your partner may be the same as she was before.

Conflict Resolution: Now that you will be together from sunrise to sunset, you can’t escape from her as you have come as a couple to spend a vacation. If you haven’t had a fight during your day to day life, then it is for sure to have a conflict while on a vacation.

You could be caught watching a girl in bikini in Brazil while she is watching you or you want to play the water for some more time while on the other hand she wants to go on a natural walk along the beach side, these things are sure to create a conflict. 

Watch out for Mood swings: Mood swing is a significant problem that everybody in this world has but showing it quite often to your partner can create a disturbing situation. Remember that you will be with your partner 24/7 while on a vacation, so make sure to charge the situation with all your skills. You could be with her in bed, in shopping complex or in a romantic dinner; the last two can be managed but the former one if you are with her in a bed and if suddenly your mood changes then what? What will you do?
So, make sure to control your mood swing so as to control her mood swing too.    

Decide the Expenses: As with anything else, for a happy vacation it is a financial concern which is a must need. Decide all the hotel, flight and shopping expenses before you head for vacation if you don’t want to see yourself ending up in a conflict in the middle of nowhere.

Surprise Factor: It is one of the easiest ways to make a happy vacation. Carry a surprise along with you or organize a surprise dinner or an adventure trail which your partner loves the most. Surprise is the thing that is loved by all gender after all it shows that how much you care and love your partner. 

Visit Unfamiliar Places: Visit a place where neither of you have ever visited as exploring a new place is much better and an idealistic way to get close to your partner. 

Hide your Bad Habits: Keep your disgusting bad habits hidden while on a vacation as the as it could possibly make your partner worried all the time. If you are an alcoholic and love to drink alcohol all the time, try to hide it atleast when you are in a vacation with your loving partner. It may be difficult for you but make sure to hide these types of habits for a hassle free vacation. 

Cuddle or Freedom: Vacation is the right beginning for a loving as well as a sugar-less-coffee relationship; this is the time when you have to determine whether you want her to drape all over you or you want your space while spending together times in a bed? If you have not spent a night together, vacation is something that is sure to change your love life for forever. It may be small matter to you for now but as soon as you cut the rope it is up to you to handle all this matter.

Decide as soon as possible. 

Save Some Time for Yourself: Save some time in the middle of your busy life and learn about her so as to spend a tour or a vacation happily and satisfactorily. For this you can take her on a weeklong vacation in every six months as by reading the above mentioned points you have already known that vacation is the best option for a couple to know almost everything about each other.  

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