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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Lepchajagat, a Distinct World in Itself

Perched perfectly at an elevation of around 2123 m above sea level the quaint atmosphere of Lepchajagat which is renowned for its natural elements is located at a distance of around 19 km from the Darjeeling.  For nature lovers and vacationers this place is more like a heaven because its nurturing ambience has every set piece to make it one of the perfect offbeat destinations for travelers. 

During the time of season it turns out to be a hub of honeymooners because its majestic dale and serene surroundings offers handsome opportunity to newly wedded couples to discover and experience the best moment of their life.

To understand the meaning of Lepchajagat traveler would first require understanding the phenomenons of Lepcha people. It is believed that Lepcha tribes were the prominent and prime resident of this area. After their alliance with other region of Darjeeling district the forested area of the site was overtaken by West Bengal Forest development Corporation and at present it is a reserved forest area.

Things to Experience in Lepchajagat
Amidst the glory of nature as it sets to carry your thoughts beyond your imagination the place is perfect stage for you to understand the springs of seasons. Its forest acquainted area which is enamel by the symphony of vivid vegetation like Pine, Oak and rhododendrons makes a journey an everlasting memory. Beside that its scenic location from where nature lovers can peep into veil of transparency creates the mood to interact with nature.

Birdwatchers are sure to have their share as the quaint hamlet are complimented by the chicory and chirp of birds which means they can spend an hour to view the colorful wings of vivid avifauna. During day time traveler can just allure the brilliance of the blooming dale perhaps that would create the room for inspiring thoughts to appreciate the might of nature. Thick and dense vegetation that surrounds the side guarantee peace of mind and adventure lover can look to perform nature walk to discover the nucleus of the periphery.
Nearby Attraction
Surreal charm and sophisticated serenity of Lepchajagat is surrounded by some of the magnificent tourist attractions from where traveler can look to view the entity of Kanchenjunga and other astounding places. In this context the name of Hawa Ghar which is located at a distance of around 1 km from here requires special mention. From here traveler can locate all the five massif of Mount Kanchenjunga.

Ghoom rock which is located at a distance of around 1.5 km from here is a hub of colossal rocks. Ghoom rock is in fact a point from where one can look to witness the glowing rays of sun beside that here you have an opportunity to see the majestic ambience of Balasan valley.

Some of the other renowned attraction of Lepchajagat are Mirik which is located at a distance of around 27 km is flourished by emerald lake and thick forest.

 Jorpokhari which is located at a distance of around 5 km from is renowned for its salamanders, endemic ponds and view of Kanchenjunga.

Ghoom Monastery- Ghoom monastery is another tourist place where traveler can look to feel the resonance of spiritual environment.

 Pashupati market which is located at a distance of 15 km hovers around the Indian-Nepal border and this market is well-known for selling foreign commodities at a reasonable cost.

Manebhanjan- this place is mostly visited by the trekkers as the journey towards the height of Sandakphu bends its way towards the tail of Manebhanjan.

West Bengal Forest Development Corporation Lodge
For economic accommodation the stands of West Bengal Forest development Corporation Lodge could prove to be an only option for traveler. Traveler must understand that the Bungalow here was renovated by the forest department and during the phase of colonials it was lived by the British people. At present the renovated bungalows has 4 rooms and 2 suits. Every room and suites of the lodge is developed in a way to give its traveler an ultimate view of mount Kanchenjunga. From rooftop traveler can look to view the phenomenon of sunrise which is sure to be a different experience in itself.

Talking about the environment and amenities of the lodge than it has few staff and caretaker. Although the brilliance of this lodge itself speaks the toast of hospitality but if one could maintained the decorum of it than it can prove out to be one of the seductive and sensational lodges of Darjeeling district. For transport facility traveler are requested to notify the manager at an earliest. Talking about its culinary section than they look to keep things simple there are not much of cuisine charisma to be experience but then again if you could suggest the staff or ask them to serve your purpose than they would definitely work out to give you the same.

Indicative Rates
As mentioned above the rates and tariff of lodge is economical and for suites traveler would require paying 2000 for Michelia Suite or suite one and 1800 for suit 2 respectively. All the other rooms of the lodge can accommodate up to 4 members and would cost you around 1500 per night. Traveler must understand that to use the fireplace one would require paying an extra amount of Rs 250. It is an incentive for travelers to experience such wonderful hospitality offering unique experience to savor.
For booking and inquiry traveler can check their official website or can contact West Bengal Forest Development Corporation for reservation.

How to Reach
By air- the nearest airport to Lepchajagat is Bagdogra which is located at distance of around 70 km from here.
By train- the nearest railway station to Lepchajagat is New Jalpaiguri which is located at a distance of around 72 km from here.

Best Time to Visit

Consider coming here during the months of October to April to enjoy the vivid assorts of surroundings. Travellers are requested to avoid season of Monsoon because month of rainy season could prove to be hectic and unpleasant.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Charismatic Environment Of The Corbett National Park

It was never an easy way to adapt the process of evolution since we always had a dubious stand regarding an entity of wildlife animals and those furious tales of predator really nudged our mind. It is very interesting to understand the course of transition as we always craved compassion for animals and with the development of thoughts today we are living in their presence and practically their presence have really made the world an easy place to live.

Gobble belief and curious thoughts are an element of the past because the development of wildlife sanctuaries and national park has really altered the definition of wildlife and the environment which they have created has really amused the world. Through this article today we are going to talk about one of the most preserved and designated national park of India. The Corbett national Park which is located at the deft elevation of Uttarakhand can be considered as paradise for wildlife enthusiast and nature lovers.
Although the brilliance of the surroundings is quiet synchronized by the glorious presence of natural elements but the point of talking remains the same, the Corbett national park which is dominated by the might of dense vegetation is a feast for pro naturalist.
Impeccable jungle safari where one can look to spot and understand the behavior of Tigers, chitals, deers, cobra, wild boar, flying fox and Indian pangolin promises to make your journey an unforgettable experience.  Potential and charismatic ambience of this reserve is home to around 488 distinct species of wildlife and amongst them the presence of Bengal Tigers connotes the importance of this amazing national park. 

To understand the historical importance of Corbett national park traveler would require walking the days of early 19th century when this park was established to preserve the density and dying population of the wildlife counterparts. According to historical evidence the park was renowned as Hailey national park during its initial phase and later it was renamed as Ramaganga national park. The name Corbett came into limelight when the celebrated British hunter and an Author Jim Corbett started hunting man eaters of surroundings. His initiative to protect the local people man from eating tiger later became his concern for preserving the same which led his active role towards the conserving method of wildlife and forest.

His extensive work towards the development of wildlife and forest were quiet visible in the forested area of Kumaon Hills and to tribute his effort and noble cause the national park was named after him in 1957.

Sprawled over an area of around 521 square kilometer a quaint and natural environment of this park is an assortment for nature lovers because here they would have all the opportunity to bend their way through endemic grassland. Traveler must understand that the reserve has the four doorways namely amdanda gate, durga devi gate, dhangarhi gate and khara gate from where they can sneak in to feel the glory of nature.

Traveler can come here during the months of summer, winter and monsoon to understand the reverie of this outstanding national park. Beside that night stay could be avail from Dhikala where forest rest accommodation would allow you to sleep a night of peace. To enjoy the quest of safari traveler can always look to contact the management in advance because during the pick season specially between March and May, June to September or December to February there would be a hoard of tourist so it’s always better to inform your hotel to book your safari in advance.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Some of the Renowned Religious Sites of Goa

Religious call and its potential has always been a reverie of Goa Tourism and through this article today we are going to talk about some of the religious places where tourist from across the world gathers in to appreciate its importance.

Basilica of Bom Jesus
Basilica of Bom Jesus is amongst the most pious when it comes to the solace of divinity. Baroque architecture of this cathedral preserves the ruins of the St. Xavier within the celestial ambiance of the church. Traveler must understand that it is amongst the oldest minor church within the nation and its colossal structure so far reflects the glory of the colonials.

While walking around the church the silent picture of the altar and the paintings that defines the life incident of St Francis Xavier relates the brilliance of the church beside that its marble flooring and exquisite carving depicts the bonds of luster.

For Goa People the church is amongst the most designated and can be considered as one of the most important site of the Christian people. During the time of mass and assemblies you will witness huge people coming within the doors of the church to appreciate the glory of Lord Jesus and St Xavier.

Mary Immaculate Conception Church

The church of Mary Immaculate Conception according to historians was the first to be structured within the helms of Goa. It was around 15th century the walls of it were structured before it was renovated during the early 16th century. Talking about its interior then it is quite simple but the altar which is dedicated to mother Mary will strike your mind. Beside that two other altars which is dedicated to our Lady of Rosary and to Jesus Christ respectively compliments the brilliance of this church.
Traveler must understand that the Golden bell that they will witness at the top of the church is considered as amongst the largest around the world. During the time of carnival and feast traveler comes from all across the world to revere the celestial ambience of the church.

Sri Kamakshi Temple
Established during the call of 16th century originally the temple was located within the gates of Raia before it was reallocated to Shiroda after the invasion of the Portuguese. It is believed that when Portuguese entered the mainland of Goa to preach their religion they started knocking down the walls of Hindu Temples and during such juncture the temple was shifted to Shiroda.

The temple of Sri Kamakshi is very much renowned for its historical background and well known as pilgrimage centre. The celestial ambiance of the temple is surrounded by other temple namely Shree Rayeshwar, Shree Shantadurga and Shree Laxmi Narayana.

Mahadev Temple, Tambdi Surla
Dedicated to praise the power of Lord Shiva or Mahadeva the brilliance of this temple is oriented by Jain architecture. Traveler must understand that it is the oldest temple of Goa and the Basalt which was used to erect this temple was brought from the Deccan Plateau.

Kadamba-Yadava architecture which was carried to structure the walls of the temple allures the mind of the traveler and historically it is the only temple to carry the norms of Kadamba-Yadava design which in turn has made it temple of prime importance. The remote location of the temple helped it to prevent the cause of Portuguese annexation and today its serenity relates the glory of Lord Shiva.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Charismatic Ambience of Rohtang Pass

The fresh air and thick ice of Rohtang is a different world altogether. A walk here would be a bit of drama because the moment you will witness the natural helms which is covered by thick layer of snow, you would react with the loud scream (may not be acceptable in all case) but yes if you would do that would certainly portray your reaction.

Perched perfectly at an elevation of around 3978 m the generous brilliance of Rohtang in fact is just a highway which is located at a distance of around 41 km from Manali.  While crossing the highway to Keylong/Leh traveler would have an opportunity to spot the splendor of Rohtang.
Traveler must understand that Rohtang pass acts a gateway to Lahaul Spiti, Pangi and Leh valley and from here one would have a lifetime occasion to enjoy panoramic view of glaciers peaks, Chanda River and twin peaks of the Geypan.

Geographical Information
The route that leads to Rohtang pass evidently separates the course of Kullu and Manali and opens the way to reach the dale of Lahaul, Spiti valleys, Chenab and basins. Surrounding the area you have River Beas and its bends its way towards the southern flanks and the northern region of Rohtang is sedated by the flows of River Chandra.

The literal meaning of Rohtang is Pile of Corpses and many people have died while trying to cross the pass during the bad weather but during the time of sunny weather Rohtang is a just a treat to an eyes.

Some of the Nearby Attractions of Rohtang Pass

Unknown waterfall- while crossing the roads traveler are sure to witness an Unknown waterfall which has not been given a name yet but it storms from an adulating height to mesmerize the mind of the travelers.

Road tunnel-
an initiative of a government to connect the routes of Keylong,  Spiti,  Lahaul and Leh. According to stacks government of India had invested around $ 320 million to construct the tunnel. The distance of this tunnel is approximately 8.5 km and while going in you will feel lot safer and protected.

Manali- perched perfectly at an elevation of around 6398 feet Manali is the place to go during the call of summer if you are around the splendor of Rohtang Pass. Charismatic valley which is complimented by the hue of green and bounty of snow is an all time favorite destinations of the traveler within entire India.

located at a distance of around 93 km from the Rohtang Pass the Kullu valley which is renowned for its generous hospitality is the next place where you should stroll in to relish the enigmatic surreal of summer. Beside that some of the other renowned attractions that surround the site of Rohtang are Jagat Sukh, Rahala River, Nehru Kund, Vashist and Hadimba temple.

Best Time to VisitMake sure to walk here during the time of summer to allure the majestic environment of Rohtang. 

How to Reach

By air- the nearest airport to Rohtang pass is Bhuntar airport which is located at a distance of around 104 km from here.
By train- the nearest railway station to Rohtang is Joginder Nagar railway station which is located at a distance of around 103 km from here.
By road- HRTC buses operates regularly from the mystique laden of Manali to reach Rohtang.


Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Head on for a Spiritual Tour of India and Invigorate your Inner Mind, Body and Soul

In this 21st century, every human being is bound with their duties which led to humdrum struggles and stress in life. So, to search the inner peace and invigorate the mind, body and soul numerous travellers around the globe has been venturing to India which is considered as the land of the spiritual arousing. Since, 3000 BC the Yoga has been the answer for all the human stress. 

So vast is the Yoga teaching and learning in India that it has turned as one kind of tourism boosters in India. Rishikesh often crowned as the ‘Yoga Capital of the World’ and Gods Own Country Kerala are the two popular places in India where thousands and thousands of tourists across the globe visit to learn and to search what we want in our life.

Rishikesh: The small city of Rishikesh in Dehradun district of Uttarakhand state is gratified with emerald and serene surroundings which makes it an ideal location for a spiritual holiday retreat. Home to the 133 year old Kailash Ashram Brahmavidyapeetham (institution devoted to protect and endorse the ancient Vedanta studies) where famed personalities like Swami Vivekananda and Swami Sivananda have studied, the vicinity of this place which is a perfect destination for seeking the answers of life was also visited by The Beatles, Beach Boys and other famed artists to meditate and contemplate.

Parmarth Niketan: Placed in the lap of the lush Himalayas, Parmarth Niketan is the largest Yoga center in Rishikesh with over 1000 year decorated rooms and well maintained gardens. Founded in 1942; satsang, daily yoga and meditation practice are held every day for the well sake of every visitor.

Ananda-In the Himalayas: Formerly a royal palace of the Maharaja of the Tehri Garhwal, in 2000 AD it was established as a destination for spiritual yoga and spa retreat.

Propagating the ancient Yoga practice, Tattva Yoga Shala, Himalayan Yoga Gurukul, Vid Nikethan Ashram are among other centers which are aimed at giving their best to any guest. Festooned with all the luxurious amenities, these centers provide the best quality of yoga practice in emerald vicinity for best results. Lectures are also conducted timely by prominent Yoga gurus of India.

Kerala: Set alongside the serene waters of the endless Arabian Sea, Gods own Country Kerala is another place of spiritual retreat in India. There are number of Yoga centers nestled at the foot of the Western Ghats Hill and in close proximity to a beach side of Arabian Sea which provides an excellent spot for Yoga learning. Indulging in Yoga while in Kerala is a life time experience for any of the travellers owing to its much hyped sites and location which are all art of beauty. Yoga Shala in Kovalam, Ayurveda Yoga Villa in Karakula, and Sanathan Yoga in Cochin are some of the top centers in Kerala for offering the best quality of Yoga practice and teaching with great service and hospitality.

This Indian state is also acclaimed for providing great Ayurvedic treatments for the seekers. But remember one thing that Kerala is not only a place famed for the Yoga learning and Ayurvedic treatments but there are lot of things to explore in Kerala including the boat races, geographical beauty, exotic beaches and the pristine backwaters. Some resorts and hotels which also offers the Yoga teaching and spiritual retreat in Kerala are:    

Isola di Cocco: This Ayurvedic beach resort placed in Poovar is an ideal place to free all your worries and rejuvenate yourself. Set in a verdant surrounding with an azure water front and a blue sky, this 30 acres of resort offers you the best experience of spiritual retreat while in Kerala.

Kalathil: Placed in the middle of a water body in the north side of Kumarakom, the lavish surrounding of swaying palm trees and azure blue waters makes it a perfect place for a soothing experience. Decorated with an aquatic spa and fresh water pond, the tranquility and serenity of this resort will make you feel like spending your time in the middle of a lovely and friendly forest.  

The Elephant Court:
Best suited for business as well as recreation, the Elephant Court spread on 4 acres in Thekkady greets guests with jasmine garlands and serve them with their best ever Yoga and other recreational therapy for higher standard of results. Festooned with luxurious furniture and forest like background, it is sure to create a magic in your body while indulging in yoga or any other therapy.
Many Yoga ashrams in both of these places also offers courses for the kids and the elder person.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Wedding Sequence Scene of the Bollywood Biggie ‘Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani’ was Disrupted in Gangaur Ghat of Udaipur

After attending the grand birthday bash of K Jo (Karan Johar) the star cast of the Bollywood biggie ‘Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani’ Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone was back for their scheduled shooting in Gangaur Ghat, Udaipur.

As the shoot of the wedding sequence was proceeding, heavy arguments between handful of crew members and local media persons raised the temperatures of the city which was already high by the humid climate
Attired in blue denim and a white shirt the Bollywood heartthrob Ranbir Kapoor was looking attractive as usual while at the other end Deepika Padukone who already a reigns Bollywood with her cute smile and immaculate beauty was dressed in blue and green salwar-kameez with pink dupatta adoring her upper body part.

Both of the actors were infuriated with the happening while the crew members were stopping the media to keep the lenses of their camera at a distant from the shoot.

 Regardless of the interruption, the scene was shot smoothly and was completed in the evening.  
Large numbers of fans along with the local inhabitants were congregated to get a glimpse of the star duo.
As soon the situation was looking to be more lengthy police were called at the scene to keep the happening under control so that the crew could continue with their shooting.

 Most scenes of the movie were shot in the five star hotel of Udaipur while the elaborate scene of the wedding sequence was shot in the Gangaur Ghat.

Adorned with hotels and restaurants along with being a place which holds a greater significance in terms of old world charm was chosen as the shooting location owing to its historical importance and spontaneous scenic beauty. Not to forget, it is the Bagore-Ki-Haveli and the City Palace which are located at a walking distance from the Ghat which could be the another reason for the film makers to chose this site as their shooting spot beside its unanimous beautiful setting, scenic view of the water body and stunning backdrop of ancient structures.

Honeymoon in Udaipur – Celebrate your Honeymoon in a King’s Style

Have you ever thought of celebrating the momentous time of your honeymoon like a royal king in a royal city?

For all of the honeymooners, here’s a great deal of enjoying the lavish time after your marriage in a royal city, and Udaipur the most romantic honeymooning destination of India is the perfect place for celebrating the together times in a king’s style. Gratified with the exotic gardens, ancient mansions, intricately designed temples and a glorious palace overlooking the sparkling lakes is what combines with the hospitable and warm people of this royal city to give honeymooners their memorable and unforgettable time of their lifetime.
Whether you want to relish a time together while roaming in the streets of this lovely city or you want to celebrate your time relishing a dinner viewing the gorgeous sight of the city, every of your imagination will be made into reality when you visit this city. The vivacious and the royal ambience combined with the forts, palaces, lakes, fountains, Aravalli mountain range and emerald gardens are the major attractions of this city which are not to miss.

Make sure to bask in a sightseeing tour in a boat ride to explore larger parts of this place in a lesser time.
Since, Udaipur is a city of palaces you won’t have to worry about staying as there are abundant of old palaces which are transformed to a 5 star, 4 star or a luxurious resort by their owner. If you are luxurious honeymoon couple then the Taj lake Palace which is truly a spell bounding palace transformed to a lavish hotel should be your first option for staying the nights in this city. Placed in the middle of the Lake Pichola it is sure to make every of your fantasy true.                

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Do Holiday Make or Break Your Relationship

Are you absolutely assured that you know your girlfriend the most of her? How positive are you? If you spend few nights together and have been dating on a relaxed basis for several months, I would bet the fruit farm that there is more to her than you think. And more to your relationship chemistry than you imagine as well.

Honestly speaking everything seems to be in happy and safe mode until the moment, as you would travel down the honeymoon stage together.  Have you thought of what would happen to your insight if you plan for a holiday together? Will it result in positive and prompt you to go on a real honeymoon one day. Time is one of the best things one needs to get to know a person and more you get to know more better it is. How many cumulative hours you have spent with your girlfriend on a date, if I am not mistaken it would not be as many as one thinks.  

It absolutely keeps me amazing all the time how people commence on a deeper level of commitment, whether it’s a marriage or any other relations, without spending a blissful copious time together.  This does not only indulge a dinner, a movie, or a long night of sex. Well these are all very important but the determining fact for a success relationship is how you survive the humdrum routine and strain together.

Well to be very practical about each other in a relationship is very important and this is possible for you only when you spend some quality hours or days together in concurrence. Thus you will come to learn how to cooperate and interact with each other beyond the phony. Most of the new relationships along with some that has survived or surviving a long time, manage to survive on shallow and phony communication. Then certainly one day you will come to realize that neither of you have anything to say or worse, and finally you would never tolerate living with a person for more than a week.

Thus, how would you acquire the precious perception desired to take it a step further with the woman or men in your life. Thus it would be very handy to plan a vacation together as this would really make it worth for both of you.

So, here are some advisable tips for a happy and memorable vacation.  

Vexed Over Vacation
Well vacation is meant to be entertaining and add- on time with your girlfriend or boyfriend who enjoys doing more of what you would both love to do at home. Thus do you think two weeks of rest and leisure will serve as a litmus test of whether or not you and girlfriend and your relation can last for long.

The first probable area of disaster is when you devise a plan with your beloved. Where to go? How long will the vacation last? How to get there?

Well after returning from the vacation, one thing must be checked on is that how are you feeling do you have an exciting feeling or you are feeling, you needed another one to recover? As travelling is a stress endeavor, despite of your journey. Well to check on this add another person into the same and then the result would be combustible.

The first potential area of disaster is when you devise the initial plan. How long will the trip last? Where do you want to go? How will you get there? You may take it for granted that an acceptable response can be worked out for each question but for some less fortunate men, the first obstacle to overcome occurs before the plane takes off.

Up to now, the most you and your girlfriend have commiserated on an issue was what film to rent on a Friday night. And even that was touch and go until you relented and let her choose Erin Brokovich. No big deal, you thought at the time, because next week I have first choice. That logic may fly on such a minute point, but on the topic of vacation details, you may not be so willing to budge. And neither will she.

Does Travelling as a Couple Make or Break Your Relationship?

Monitor your Partner and Find out: Monitor your better half and find out whether she was happy, rushed or anxious to know about the vacation. Learn about your partner very closely so to avoid any discomfort while on a vacation, what type of venture she likes, what food she loves the most, do she prefer to visit a nearby place by walking or by car and many others. All these things are up to you to manage and it is up to you to sacrifice some things which she won’t like you to do.  

Relationship is like give and take, you promise her to take on a vacation and automatically she will provide you with the best time but after the vacation is over your partner may be the same as she was before.

Conflict Resolution: Now that you will be together from sunrise to sunset, you can’t escape from her as you have come as a couple to spend a vacation. If you haven’t had a fight during your day to day life, then it is for sure to have a conflict while on a vacation.

You could be caught watching a girl in bikini in Brazil while she is watching you or you want to play the water for some more time while on the other hand she wants to go on a natural walk along the beach side, these things are sure to create a conflict. 

Watch out for Mood swings: Mood swing is a significant problem that everybody in this world has but showing it quite often to your partner can create a disturbing situation. Remember that you will be with your partner 24/7 while on a vacation, so make sure to charge the situation with all your skills. You could be with her in bed, in shopping complex or in a romantic dinner; the last two can be managed but the former one if you are with her in a bed and if suddenly your mood changes then what? What will you do?
So, make sure to control your mood swing so as to control her mood swing too.    

Decide the Expenses: As with anything else, for a happy vacation it is a financial concern which is a must need. Decide all the hotel, flight and shopping expenses before you head for vacation if you don’t want to see yourself ending up in a conflict in the middle of nowhere.

Surprise Factor: It is one of the easiest ways to make a happy vacation. Carry a surprise along with you or organize a surprise dinner or an adventure trail which your partner loves the most. Surprise is the thing that is loved by all gender after all it shows that how much you care and love your partner. 

Visit Unfamiliar Places: Visit a place where neither of you have ever visited as exploring a new place is much better and an idealistic way to get close to your partner. 

Hide your Bad Habits: Keep your disgusting bad habits hidden while on a vacation as the as it could possibly make your partner worried all the time. If you are an alcoholic and love to drink alcohol all the time, try to hide it atleast when you are in a vacation with your loving partner. It may be difficult for you but make sure to hide these types of habits for a hassle free vacation. 

Cuddle or Freedom: Vacation is the right beginning for a loving as well as a sugar-less-coffee relationship; this is the time when you have to determine whether you want her to drape all over you or you want your space while spending together times in a bed? If you have not spent a night together, vacation is something that is sure to change your love life for forever. It may be small matter to you for now but as soon as you cut the rope it is up to you to handle all this matter.

Decide as soon as possible. 

Save Some Time for Yourself: Save some time in the middle of your busy life and learn about her so as to spend a tour or a vacation happily and satisfactorily. For this you can take her on a weeklong vacation in every six months as by reading the above mentioned points you have already known that vacation is the best option for a couple to know almost everything about each other.  

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