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Friday, September 20, 2013

Agra - A love to remember

Love is a language and more miraculously it knows no language in fact it has no language. Love is an art and everyone who makes love is an artist a greatest gift specified by a god lives not only within the atmosphere of human but to all social animal. Only thing seems to be an eternal and immortal is love, an air of affection, gesture of layer, an atmosphere of emotion and an ecstasy of elation makes love delirium for all.
I don’t know how one would describe it but for me it’s a premium or rather say souvenir of divinity who made world a place to make love. So if it’s about honeymoon then allow Agra to serve you an exquisite place an iconic Agra is all about pure environment.

Its historic monument and its background has so lot to offer to the honeymoon couples such an assertion such dignity more like a delight so that makes Agra a place to spend a time with your better half. Don’t charm around cause Agra would add an rejoice to your dream its boundless beauty walk down the streets of Taj mahal feel an air and witness the beauty of your desired place.An exotic palace and hotels are waiting for your call get involve in absorbing scenes of Agra and enjoy your honeymoon.

Let your angel know how much romantic you are let herself get lost in a world of yours, take her away from the schedule of hectic to a segment of seduction.Passion that carries you both should be an out of the ordinary so these years fly away down to Agra and accommodate your unconditional love to an air of sedan.

Places where you could visit:

Agra fort could be well explore since you have con to spend your honeymoon enjoy your day at Agra fort much significant for its historical facts the monuments has an art of our ancestor.

Taj Mahal an icon of sacrifice has an air of love which would add more spice to your vacation, Taj mahal garden at the river bank of Yamuna a place has an exquisite beauty and must visit place for the couples who look forward to spend a good honeymoon time.

Moti Masjid built before an existence of civilization is amongst the most spiritual shrine much famous for its architecture and style of construction.

Jama Masjid amongst the largest masjid in india where a people comes with an utmost devotion and has a historical and pictorial background would add an air of holiness to your honeymoon.

Buland Darwaza an evening walk here with your partner could well be an exotic idea to witness a monumental structure build during an era of Akbar.

Fatehpur Sikri is another masterpiece from a legacy of Akbar is an exotic place to discover and add a delight to your honeymoon vacation.

Agra could well be a part of excitement buy some local goodies and Agra ka peta for your bride to add more sweetness to your honeymoon delight witness a beauty because Agra is not only a hub of historical monument but an ideal place where you could check in and make your honeymoon a memorable one.

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