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Friday, September 13, 2013

Travel Unharmed with Food Sensitivity

While traveling food allergies always means travel and sometimes it may cause severe illness to you. You will always have to think about the restricted diet whether traveling abroad or visiting your maternal uncle’s house. With cautious investigation and arrangement your journey will be smoother; here are 7 tips for people with food allergies.

Plan Ahead: Ensure to do a detail research on the destination that you are traveling, the locality, their cuisines, hotels, restaurant, health care options etc. It will aid you greatly in your allergies to foods when you reach your desired destination.

Pack it: Make sure to pack all the food essentials that you may need while going on a holiday. Some of the things that a food-allergic must carry are doctor’s medication and safe foods; it may reduce the possibility of severe illness. Bring on non perishable goods.

Learn the local language of the place that you are visiting, it will be very useful when avoiding an ingredient in the food they are cooking. “I am allergic to ginger”, if you can say this in their local language than they will do the same and will prepare a food without ginger. Knowing the local language also helps to ask the local people about the best place to eat or vegetarian house etc.

Doctors: You can go to doctors that specialize in allergy. Ask the doctors to write prescription so that you can travel hassle free to any place.

Hotel with Kitchen: The best possible way to avoid allergic foods is by booking a hotel room with a kitchen, if not found on a hotel, you can go for rented house for tourists. It will be helpful to you while staying for a longer period of time.

Ask the Manager/chef of Restaurant: Always try to ask about the ingredients that they are including in the meal, even if it is the only restaurant in the area because safety comes first. Avoid fast foods on the streets.

Air: Food allergies may cause you with serious disease while in plane, so make sure to inform the nearby passengers and airlines about your problem for a safe and secure advent. 

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