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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Delicate Honeymoon Moments

After marriage, what makes life more amazing is a beauty of Honeymoon that looks to connect a souls and it is a page where you both looks to write a beauty of future but there could be a moment of hesitation if you both are not so aware about each other behaviour and that awkward moment could be a phase where you could feel a moment arriving near to you.

Disagreements, first fight and arguments and all this little moment could embark your days and night with a longing moment and when you feel it is a moment when you can actually talk about a delight, then do not stop start initiating while she could be waiting for it to happen.

First Disagreement after Marriage
We can understand that may be both of you are not at the same and a certain uncomfortable moment could really ruin a chance but expect this to happen since you are new into this bond of purity certain disagreements are allowed but at a same time you have to sensible to draw a line to calm down the moment.

As your lady is little is confused and the tentative to get irritated as she is at her first tour towards something different and your over protective attitude could well irritate her but it is acceptable. Little fights are really necessary to enhance a bonding between you, all you need to know is when to stop and apologise and with a passage of time you both would laugh at your silly mistake that you had made during your initial phase of your new life.

Your Wife Catches You Eyeing another Girl
Since we are very aware of a men behaviour that they love to stare at other women instead of your presence, well if you are still into a same page then you must change the attitude or else be prepare with all the suitable lies cause there is a vast difference between staring while you were just a couple and after marriage and your wife is surely not going to like it.

It is always better to apologise rather than lying to stop a discussion, as all this imperfect moment are going to add more glitter in yours shine so it’s always better to stop the quest and laugh out loud.

You Find Out That She Snores In Bed
As this awkward behaviour could really embarrass you and it becomes more uncomfortable when your husband witness a beauty of your behaviour. So it is rather suggested to take it lightly and laugh out loud and women don’t react harsh if your husband complains about the same better accept is and enjoy a moment together.

A Walk into the Shower
During a first phase of your life walking into shower without closing a door could be little awkward as this may not look normal and pleasing so it’s better to say excuse me or sorry to close a further imperfection. But in later course of your life shower moment would a most romantic moment.

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