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Monday, December 9, 2013

10 Stunning Islands to Venture after Marriage

Cebu, Philippine Islands: Decorated with the bluish sky, crystal clear azure waters and surrounded with emerald mountains, Cebu is nothing sort of a paradise and to spend your honeymooning time with your partner in this place is just like a dream come true. The tropical charm and the tranquility of Philippines oldest city with a sail to witness the glittering sunset, heritage walks or spotting sea creatures, this place has always been a magical spot for the honeymooners. Come and feel the bliss together and make your honeymoon romantic and memorable

Bali Island
Bali: One of the most popular islands in Indonesia, Bali is truly magical with blends of striking mountain sceneries and gorgeous beaches, vibrant culture, warm and friendly people and most of all the out of this world resorts which provides extraordinary amenities to serve their customers. Strolling along the exotic region of spontaneous beaches including Legian and Sanur in the South Bali with your loving newly wedded couple is sure to bond your relationship for ever. 

Havelock Island, Andaman and Nicobar: The most happening honeymooning island of India is placed in the Bay of Bengal. From jungle trek to the array of water sports, you will get an abundant of opportunity to soak yourself with the Havelock way of romanticism. The beaches which are decorated with the silvery sands and the crystal clear waters tends to provide you the most beautiful time ever, indulge in some bottom glass boat ride and witness the amazing sea creatures from close distance. Havelock Island is simply a paradise for newly married couples.

Phu Quoc, Vietnam: the lush greenery to the exotic waterfalls, this largest Vietnamese Island is sure to create a romantic mood in the mind of any visitor visiting it. Soak up in the sun or venture in the island for a heritage walk, all the activities that you do make your love glitter and relationship strong and happier. A quick dip in the culture of this place can be an extra fun for you or just engaging yourself by sitting in the sands for witnessing the amazing spectacle of the glorious sunrise or sunset can be another alternative for you to seduce your partner for a long romanticism. 

The Maldives: Honeymoon in Maldives gives wonderful experience to the honeymoon couples. The 26 earthy rings like atolls are famed for their powder white sands and the olive sea which seems to be adding hotness to your days in Maldives. Indulge in some spas to rejuvenate your body, mind and soul so that you can concentrate to nothing more than your honeymooning. Floating honeymoon resorts and the eternal beauties of the surroundings wills educe both of you stay forever and ever in this place.

Palawan Islands, Philippines: Enriched with luxurious hotels and resorts, pristine beaches, this place is serene, striking and a perfect hideout for the honeymooners. The amalgamation of the sky touching mountains and the breathtaking thick jungles with the exotic water sports like snorkeling, island hopping in the famed beaches of Palawan including El Nido and Honda Bay is truly what you need for an adventurous – cum – romantic honeymoon. Do make sure to relish a princely candle light dinner on the Honda beach to add extra bit of romance in the heart of your partner.

Bora Bora Island
Bora Bora Islands: A perfect destination for honeymoon couples, Bora Bora is a volcanic island in Pacific Ocean which has been famed for its luscious beaches and spontaneity. Enriched with picture book scenery to the fully adorned under water bungalows, from dawn to the dusk each and every of the resorts tends to give the most of your honeymoon with a mere comfort. The sunset sails across the waters, candle light dinner over the water in the fully adorned resort and the gastronome picnic lunch at the beautiful beach – you will get all that you have desired in your fantasy.

Perhentian Islands, Malaysia: Placed at a distance of about 1 hour of boat ride from the east coast of Malaysia lies a serene island festooned with astounding natural beauty. Perhentian is a heaven for the newly wedded couples where adventure combines with the astonishing natural beauty of the beach turquoise water and the pea green surrounding to give the best that a couples desires. The two parts of this island Besar and Kecil are equally astounding in terms of natural beauty and the pleasant atmosphere which leaves any one of the visitor spell bounding.

Lakshadweep Islands: Nestled amidst the endless Arabian Sea, Lakshadweep is an archipelago comprising of 36 main islands which all are fascinating and secreted gems for honeymooning. The coral reefs and the sea bordering them gives this place a rare and splendid beauty. Agatti and Kavaratti are such luscious islands where you can expect nothing more than love and serenity in the lap of earthy nature. Whether you play hide and seek behind the emerald bushes or indulge in lovely aroma of a long natural walk or relish a mouth watering sea food with your partner in the modernly facilitated resort; Lakshadweep serves you with all its warmth and hospitality to make you fall in love with this place.
Koh Lipe, Thailand:
This gorgeous Thai island is truly a gift of nature with beauty at its best. The island is small enough to investigate on foot, perhaps hand-in-hand with your loved one which will add extra bit of spice in your honeymoon vacation thus bringing you much closer. Pattaya Beach is an ideal location to visit and ensure to watch the sparkling sunset sitting on the golden sands with a glass of wine to boost your inner soul for romanticism.

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